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Arduino Home Automation Projects – Book

Arduino Home Automation Projects, written by Marco Schwartz and available here is an Arduino book filled with great Arduino projects that are completable and can be enjoyed by beginners and seasoned hobbyist alike. It provides a great stockpile of information and really digest the info from the community and makes it available in a compact easy to read form.

Book Cover

This Arduino projects book provides schematics, photographs and code for all the projects, it also includes links for online stores where the components can be bought. This makes it easy to get the projects up and running quickly.

This good Arduino book is also timely as the projects it contains fits well into the new and hot Internet Of Things (IOT) concept

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XML for Arduino Sensor Data

If the things in the internet of things (IOT) are viewed as providing web services then the developed protocols and standards for online web services can be implemented on embedded devices, like the Arduino and allow for seamless integration with other web apps. Two standout methods for accessing and providing web services are REST and XML. REST is used to issue the ‘command’ to the web service and can be as simple as a URL. XML can be used to represent the information that the service provides and is an easily machine readable format.
To demonstrate this concept a simple application was developed using the arduino platform
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