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Google and Robots. Why?

Speaking at the Box developer conference on April 22, 2015, Eric Schmidt reveals that Google has a medium term strategy to make tangible big returns from the robotics technology it has acquired and continues to develop, and expects makes these returns on its investment in the next 5 to 10 years.

Eric Schmidt Box Dev Con

Eric Schmidt Box Dev Con April 22, 2015      venturebeat.com

As noted in this article, he didn’t have much to say but he did kinda reveal Google’s economic view on robot technology. He also highlighted that he thinks that a lot of the technology used in robots outperform comparable human senses and that robots may be more capable of performing some tasks than humans, this when he was talking about Google’s role in bringing the self-driving car to reality.

Maybe we are reading too much into his comments but they do seem to give some insight into how Google might be approaching robotic development in the future, focus on tasks that are real social (such as drunk driving) or economic (such as high labor costs) problems and develop robots to solve them. Necessity is the mother of invention and if it is necessary for most people then the invention will be very valuable economically.

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