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Modelica Two Tank System

This simulation uses the Modelica modeling language to model two identical tanks connect together by a pipe. The platform used is OpenModelica and the components are from an ‘under development’  library that aims to be a simpler to use alternative to the modelica fluid library.

The tanks are 25 m high and have a radius of 2 m, the pipe is 5 m long and has a radius of 2.5 cm. The OpenModelica diagram of this system is sown in figure 1 below.

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Python – Solving Second Order Differential Equations

Dwight Reid

This presentation outlines solving second order differential equations (ode) with python. The solution is obtained numerically using the python SciPy ode engine (integrate module), the solution is therefore not in analytic form but the output is as if the analytic function was computed for each time step. The method is generally applicable to solving a higher order differential equation with python as well.
We will use a series RLC circuit as our ordinary differential equations example.
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