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Design Project: Control a Pan-Tilt Platform with Raspberry Pi and Smartphone

This is purely the design for the projected. Presented is a detailed paper design of a smartphone controlled pan-tilt camera platform for exploring telepresence and POV drone and robot interaction and control.


A pan-tilt platform can be used to position various instruments and tools, the most common of which is a camera. The pan-tilt platform allows a user to be able to change where the camera is pointing from a remote location so that a single camera can cover a larger area than if it were fixed. It also allows for automatic control of where the camera is pointing and allows for the stabilization of cameras on drones and other remotely operated vehicles. The automatic  tracking of objects in the video captured by the camera is also possible, the video below shows the pan-tilt mechanism being used in such an application.

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Arduino Home Automation Projects – Book

Arduino Home Automation Projects, written by Marco Schwartz and available here is an Arduino book filled with great Arduino projects that are completable and can be enjoyed by beginners and seasoned hobbyist alike. It provides a great stockpile of information and really digest the info from the community and makes it available in a compact easy to read form.

Book Cover

This Arduino projects book provides schematics, photographs and code for all the projects, it also includes links for online stores where the components can be bought. This makes it easy to get the projects up and running quickly.

This good Arduino book is also timely as the projects it contains fits well into the new and hot Internet Of Things (IOT) concept

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Python – Solving Second Order Differential Equations

Dwight Reid

This presentation outlines solving second order differential equations (ode) with python. The solution is obtained numerically using the python SciPy ode engine (integrate module), the solution is therefore not in analytic form but the output is as if the analytic function was computed for each time step. The method is generally applicable to solving a higher order differential equation with python as well.
We will use a series RLC circuit as our ordinary differential equations example.
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