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Nature Inspired Robot Festo – BionicOpter

This nature inspired robot obviously takes from a dragon fly or similar insect. When we reach to the point of putting cameras and such on these things then we have the ultimate spy bots not to mention applications we can’t even dream of now. The systems on this small robot must be so cool, battery, power system, actuators, etc. Why can’t these be open source.

Parrot BeBop Drone (Red) with Controller 14 MP Full HD 1080p Fisheye Camera

Festo – BionicOpter:

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Have you Seen JIBO? Touted as World’s First Family Robot

Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD Harddrive (MZ-75E500B/AM)

So Jibo is “the world’s first family robot” and the features and specs should allow it to fit in well with your family.

Jibo can be a personal assistant to the busy, take pictures and videos, check messages, get reminders, teach and can also
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16g Nano UAV Good Enough for Military Use

Nano UAV (flying ‘somewhat robotic’ drone) weighs in at 16 grams and good enough for military uses. I bet you’ll have a hard time realizing you’re being watched…. but still I haven’t seen much development in drone countermeasures though, maybe use an anti-drone drone.

Nano UAV – Black Hornet – PD-100 PRS:

Parrot BeBop Drone 14 MP Full HD 1080p Fisheye Camera Quadcopter (Blue)

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Yes Self Driving Cars are Robots Carrying People: Mercedes S Class

Self driving cars are now inevitable and will most likely be commercially available in the very near future. These are robots and this is just one more application of robotics and a result of the strides made in the implementation of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and control algorithms.

Check out Mercedes S Class Self Driving Car 2015 Sexy Commercial…

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DIY @home Simple but Cool Walking Robot

Start making robots at home, maybe not the simplest robot mechanically but still a good one to start with. This video shows how to make a walking robot at home. Very basic robot that’s why it may be a good starter project.

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I think exoskeletons are well on there way to being available commercially and helping paralyzed people walk again. This will be much more convenient when we have the required mind control interfaces so that if we do not have muscle control we can still control the exoskeleton directly with our minds 🙂 . I love when technology is applied like this to help people although the first full scale applications will most likely be military.

The article by highlights the top 15 exoskeletons as we continue to advance this tech.

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Honda Humanoid Robot Asimo and Family

Cool video of new version of Honda’s Advanced Step in Innovative MObility (ASIMO) showing ASIMO interacting with kids, dancing with friends and meeting and greeting. Humanoid robots are easier to integrate in society as they can interact with many of the same devices and machinery as humans.

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HTML5 Canvas Tutorial: Basic Mouse Interaction

HTML5 Canvas Tutorial: Introduction

In developing html5 apps there may come a time when we need to change the color or some other property of an element when the mouse is hovering over it. This is not as easy when using the (very powerful) html5 canvas as with images or svg objects because the entire html5 canvas is the object, therefore we need to add code to determine if the mouse is over an element and also to modify the element when this happens. In this simple html5 canvas tutorial you’ll see how to use JavaScript to do this. Continue reading

Design Project: Control a Pan-Tilt Platform with Raspberry Pi and Smartphone

This is purely the design for the projected. Presented is a detailed paper design of a smartphone controlled pan-tilt camera platform for exploring telepresence and POV drone and robot interaction and control.


A pan-tilt platform can be used to position various instruments and tools, the most common of which is a camera. The pan-tilt platform allows a user to be able to change where the camera is pointing from a remote location so that a single camera can cover a larger area than if it were fixed. It also allows for automatic control of where the camera is pointing and allows for the stabilization of cameras on drones and other remotely operated vehicles. The automatic  tracking of objects in the video captured by the camera is also possible, the video below shows the pan-tilt mechanism being used in such an application.

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