Humanoid Robot Controlled by LEGO Exoskeleton


Humanoid robots would be of great benefit to us as a society. This would be true if we could create advanced, well developed and proper functioning ones and make them commercially available at a good price. Humanoid robots are probably the best way for us to leverage the advantages that robots can provide to our society. This is mainly because these are robots designed so that they basically mimic our human form and functions.

Humanoid robots could therefore use the same equipment and tools that were designed for us (basically all equipment and tools). This would make robot integration into our society quicker, easier and more seamless. You can read this Wikipedia article for a good definition and exploration of humanoid robots.

Robot in Action

The video below shows a basic but very cool demonstration of controlling a humanoid robot. The robot is controlled using an exoskeleton and it’s all done with Lego Robotic parts. The guy in the video built a humanoid robot that mimics his movements.

His movements are detected with the use of other Lego robot components, assembled in a kind of exoskeleton. These movements are then communicated to the humanoid robot. Not exactly a ‘robot’ but the point remains. Autonomy is normally used alongside human control and supervision in contemporary robots.

Imagine the future of this tech if each home could have a humanoid robot. This humanoid robot could act as a generic ‘human skills platform’. If the household needs a service from a certain expert like an electrician, plumber or maybe even a surgeon, then these experts could remotely control the humanoid robot to carry out the task. Very cool stuff.

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