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Python – Solving First Order Differential Equations

Dwight Reid

This presentation outlines how to solve an ordinary differential equation (ode) with python. The solution is obtained numerically using the python scipy ode engine (integrate module), the solution is therefore not in analytic form but the output as if the analytic function was computed for each time step. We will use a series RC circuit for our example. Continue reading

Hello world!

Hi, I am Dwight Reid an electrical engineer whose goal is to significantly aid in the dissemination of DIY and open source technology.  With the advent of relatively cheap 3D printers it is no longer silly to think of a future where “anyone can make anything” to aid in his/her daily life, I plan to aid in this process  by collecting (and developing where necessary) best practices and designs from the open source and DIY communities and disseminating them to make it easier for the average DIY’er to implement something truly useful (or just creative 🙂 ), without much stress.

Looking forward to working with the community.